Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Rejection of 2010

Well, even though I haven't queried since last fall, I received a rejection today after I'd already given up on the agents I'd queried and hadn't heard from.

"Sorry, not right for me."

Five words. Five words with so much power in them.

Yet, after I considered the words and got over the initial disappointment and flash of 'hurt', I feel ... not quite so bad anymore.

At least said agent didn't say, "This manuscript sucks so hard, it's like the Black Hole of literature."

Just, "...not right for me."

Possibly, it's right for someone else. I might submit it to someone else though I don't hold out much hope. I've submitted it to quite a few agents/publishers and the ones who haven't replied with rejections, haven't replied at all except for one publisher who requested the full. Still, haven't heard from that publisher either since the full was sent in August.

Should I keep submitting or give up on this particular novel? I haven't written anything that good since finishing the 3rd book in my trilogy (it was actually the 5th book in a ... quintelogy?).

I just seem to have run out of creativity. Not sure how to get it back.