Thursday, April 1, 2010

These Kids Today ...

OK. So, the Boy brought home his progress report from school. 2 Fs. Several Ds, Maybe 1 C.

He doesn't seem to understand that he must put forth some effort in order to pass his classes. If he flunks out of school, I have no idea what he'll do. All he wants to do right now is play his guitar. That's great. I'm glad he's good at something he enjoys. But that's no reason to neglect his education. I've tried negotiation, rewards, positive reinforcement. His grades are worse.

Now we've got to get medieval on his butt. I wanted to take away his guitars, his i-pod and everything he enjoys until he earns them back by improving his grades.

His father, however, doesn't want to discourage his music.

Maybe we should ground him from talking to his friends on the phone and going to their houses on the weekend. Though what he'd do here is beyond me and I don't want a sulking teenage boy anywhere near me.

So, I suppose, I should wash my hands of the whole thing. He's got a blood Mama and Daddy. Let them worry about it. I'm just the chick that married his Dad.

But I love the Boy. I'm concerned with his future and his wellbeing. I want to be supportive and see him do well. I don't want to see him fail at something as simple as High School.

I mean, my God. Look how many people manage to graduate from High School every year. Very few of them are rocket scientists. Surely he can do it.

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