Monday, October 5, 2009

House Plans

For some reason, I still get houseplans in my e-mail. Years ago, when I had a good job and we had the world in front of us, I used to look at house plans and dream of building our home on Daddy's land or Mama's land or land his mother owns and said we could have.

I've loved looking at house plans since I was a little kid and saw them in Daddy's stuff. I always dreamed of having my own house, built just like I wanted, on my own land.

But it looks like we won't ever have that. We bought a house we don't really like here in TN so we could be close to his kids. Their mom, however, is likely going to move again. She's been here over four years--a record for her.

If we can make it another five years, the Girl will graduate and we'll be free to move wherever my sweetie wants to go. I don't know if I'll still be around by then, however. My heart will probably give out long before then.

So, another day, shot. I didn't do anything useful today. I must try tomorrow.

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