Sunday, October 4, 2009

Growing Up

The Girl is here this weekend and she's been on my laptop all day. She left her windows open when she fell asleep and I saw her myspace page. You know, some things, I just didn't want to know.

Of course, she's growing up. She's about 12 or 13 now, and I know it's boring over here for her since we don't go anywhere or do anything that would be interesting to her. We just stay home; her daddy plays online and I sleep. Nothing to do but watch TV or go online.

But if she wants to do something else, she should tell us. I have no idea what to do with her. When I was her age, I spent most of my time with my family and/or reading. I read copiously. But, if I'd had friends, I'd probably have wanted to spend time with them rather than family. Of course, my family was my entire social circle. She's a pretty girl and has plenty of friends. She says she doesn't like people, but she obviously does.

I guess I should just give it up, forget about having her around. She needs to make her own life and her own friends. I never thought I'd care, but I do. I'll miss her. Her Daddy is going to be devastated. I need to figure out a way to prepare him without betraying the girl's privacy. But he grew up in a tight-knit family too.

Damn, I feel old.

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