Saturday, September 26, 2009

Actually Left the House Today

After not sleeping at all last night, I was in no mood to go anywhere today. But we went to eat brunch, then to the mall where the girl got 2 new pairs of glasses. I actually managed to walk around to a few stores. I didn't have to take any NTG (I don't think) today.

My husband is marinating Filipino barbeque. He's been searching for the perfect recipe and he thinks he's found it. He's been trying for years, keeps looking them up online. He knows the taste he's going for, but I don't so I can't help. He asked his mom, but she didn't give him the right one, apparently. He knows it involves 7-Up.

Still at a loss as far as writing goes. I have no new, original ideas and just plain don't feel any inspiration for any topic whatsoever.

Guess I just need to start writing and see where it leads. I've never been good at the automatic writing thing. I remember them teaching us how to do that in one of my college writing courses. I guess I'll try it. I mean, it can't hurt.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. It can be hard to find original ideas. I have the same problem. One thing that seems to help is combining ideas from different stories I've started. It can get interesting. For some reason having something on paper helps. Good luck.